The Great Quotation Challenge

While writing “A Glimmer of Light” (now available) I had fun with famous – and not so famous – quotations for my chapter subheadings.

For the English literati, gurus, fans, readers, poets and writers out there, here are 25 of those quotations.

Give yourself one point for every quotation whose author you can identify without running to Google.

Beware, this is HARD.

Four points is good. Anything above is  hugely impressive.  Let me know how you did. The challenge winner gets bragging rights.

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Of Book Clubs, Competitions and Very, Very, Very Good Wine

Wine Bottles In July 2017 I announced a “Spread The Word” competition for readers of my books. I said the prize would be a very, very, very good bottle of wine, to be awarded in October 2017.

The winner, AP of Montreal, championed “The Twelve Man Bilbo Choir” for her book club, and invited me to Montreal to chat with the book club.

I prepared a short presentation on the history behind the “Bilbo Choir” and on other, more famous works of literature that have been influenced by the same Continue reading “Of Book Clubs, Competitions and Very, Very, Very Good Wine”