No Time Travel Needed

In February 2018 I broke (again) with the themes of the previous books and published a sci-fi novel, “Dropping Into Darkness”.

A reader said that the style reminded him of Terry Pratchett meets John Flanagan. Book Cover, "Dropping Into Darkness"I’ll take that as a huge compliment. Terry Pratchett  was the creator of the intricate and wonderful “Discworld”. John Flanagan, master of the cliffhanger, sets his two best-known YA series in a world that approximates our Viking era.

For “Dropping Into Darkness” I did not create any new worlds. It’s our own planet earth, sometime into the future, after three eco-catastrophes. It’s the story of a small band of people on a journey they’d rather not be on, and the journey isn’t going well …

The book is available on planet earth, in almost every country,  in present time, in both eBook and paperback. No time travel needed. For details of where to find it and more, please see

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